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what are we doing with math? for the boy

December 19, 2012

This is the home school always topic-what are you doing with “XXX” subject? One of the great things about home schooling is the wide choice in curriculum. One of the worst things in home schooling is the wide choice in curriculum.   One of my disgruntelements about public education is there is no variety in curriculum, if you are this old, you study this, study the same curriculum.  If math is your forte, like my daughter, you need to be able to sail through material. If you are like my son (and me!) you have to plod from point to point and not skip any steps because you can make intuitive leaps.  For some of us, there are no intuitive leaps in math.  So when we abruptly dropped into the world of home schooling, we started looking for math for D.  Wow, a whole lot of choices.  We went with an online program a fellow schooler had recommended. It was okay and certainly worked as a babysitter until we could catch our breath.  Then we decided to bring R home and that was not going to work for her! So the hunt was on and on and on.  All the schoolers raved about “Saxon” math so we got that for the girl child. I was pretty sure it wouldn’t work for the boy child.  So we went with Singapore math. singapore math 5b

And since math wasn’t my forte, my hubby was in charge of math instruction.  There was lots of frustration on all parts. We muddled through the rest of the year and summer came with a nice long school break. I went to a home school booklife of fred fractions swap and came across “Life of Fred” – only $8 so no big loss if we didn’t like it. I can’t say he LOVES it but at least he doesn’t scream, moan and tense up like he did with Singapore.  In the meantime, we had found a tutor for R.  We also had him tutor the boy for a while but after doing the math on that, it just cost too much.  Even Mr. Ralph said D didn’t really need a tutor per se, just an occasional one on one.  And he said D needed to work with me, not his dad. Sigh.  I understand why. This isn’t martial arts, it doesn’t have to be perfect. Close enough and move on.  Understand, yes, move on. Trust that the material will reintroduce concepts and then topics can be reviewed.

And some days, D just works in his Guinness Book of World Records. He enjoys that, it’s interesting and like Life of Fred, real world stuff.guinness world records math




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